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A Great Opportunity for businesses and brands.

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By Editor-Sogexo Team

Do we know the social media marketing trend today (2019 and beyond)?

Social influencer marketing presents today a great opportunity for businesses and brands. This topic has been gaining interest since 2014. The graph below shows a upward trend in USA and worldwide with an interest of around 50 to 70.

According to a study, active users number on social media channels such as Instagram has been recently growing exponentially. The great news is that this number is expected to increase in the days and years to come. This study reports  below that 3.2 billion users – which equates to about 42% of the population – log in, peruse, and converse with friends on social media. In fact, people spend more than an hour and a half on social media every day! , concludes the study (Emarsys, 2019).

The technology and the platforms are the catalysts of the great popularity of the influencer marketing. A platform such as Instagram has performed very well wit 800 Million users. Its revenue grew up from $2.65B to $5.67B from 2016 to 2018 and is expected to reach $8.8B by 2020, according to the information below. The number of users has grown exponentially compared to others platform Slot Online, making it the best hub for the social media marketing .0

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Does it matter for the markers? Sure, it does.

Social influencer marketing is a popular strategy being used by many marketers today. And it should be for you and your brand. In fact, this tactic does leverage the social media influencer following base.   This base can be reached to sell products.

Brands can leverage social influencers to provide more value to their customers. This influencer’s post has 4900 likes with some comments or interactions, a potential audience and interest for a yoga product. Therefore, the fact that these campaigns produce positive results, marketers do and should prioritize this marketing strategy.

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By George Massi

Is this a win-win deal for social users and social influencers?

Social influencers are always looking for interesting contents or products to bring value to their follows. It can be a great product reviews, a new trend, a new or improved product etc…

The key to maximizing influencer strategy is ensuring that you’re providing valuable content that adds to their social media presence also, ensuring value on both sides.

Therefore, for the marketer, promoting directly to target audience and specific demographics does help to get content or product in front of fresh eyeballs, and generate new leads for the sales funnel. Followers will begin to know more about the brand, the business as well as offer.


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